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firewall PH: fundamental Cyber security solution

Are you protected 24/7? Connecting your computer to an unsecured network is like leaving your house unlocked – thus allowing thieves to freely wander your home. Installing a firewall is considered as first in line of defense to secure your network from malware and hackers.

About Firewall Ph

Firewall PH is founded by people who have experienced the need for customized 24/7 cyber security solutions. Our experienced IT experts are managed by American professionals with high quality standards. In addition, our client base consists of a wide range of international companies that are specializing in various industries. It is our mission to provide high quality security solutions around the clock at low cost.

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How firewall works

A firewall, eitherĀ network orĀ host-based, filters the information coming through the internet into your computer system. If an incoming packet is flagged by the filter, it will not passed through.


Firewall monitors your network traffic.

Firewall is a network security system that manages and control your network traffic, either incoming or outgoing, based on a distinct set of rules.


It protects your network from uninvited guests.

Firewalls are designed to protect your computer network from unauthorized access. It can be installed in either hardware or software form, or a combination of both.


It keeps hackers away from your network.

Malicious hackers can break into your computer system and steal personal data. Protect your data from hackers using an advanced firewall.

Monitor and control your network traffic

Packet filtering

Controls access to your network by analyzing an incoming or outgoing packets, and let them pass through or halt based on their network access, ports or protocol.

Stateful inspection

Tracks each connection through all interface of a firewall and makes sure they are valid. Stateful firewalls are considered more secured than packet filtering firewall.

Proxy service

Proxy service, the most secured firewall, can limit the applications your network can support. It acts as an intermediary between clients and servers on the Internet.


Firewall PH is the key piece in securing your sensitive data and blocking any form of attack. Here are several features of firewall to help you keep cyber-secured.

Bandwidth usage

Control bandwidth available for sites, applications and users.


Gives you real-time happenings on your network.

Virtual Private Networks

Allow users to access data securely from remote locations.


Firewalls automatically block malicious sites.

Device activity detection

Allows you to detect what every devices are doing.

Deep Packet Inspection

Allows the firewall to have a close look at the packet passing though.

Web filtering

Allows you to blocked access to specific websites.

Malware and virus filtering

Firewall can detect and block some known bad guys.

Wireless controll

Easily setup different SSIDs and take full control of your environment.

Protect your computer network from unauthorized access

Firewall PH, optimized with power and in-depth security, is perfectly made for professionals and small to large enterprise. It’s a complete cyber security solution that gives you full control over your network. Learn how we’ll give your business the possibility of greater security.

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